Volume 1 — The Visionary Continent

A young woman is abducted under the cover of night, and wakes to find herself in an unfamiliar room. She quickly learns that her existence has been erased, and the only things she has left of her past are the clothes on her back, and her uncle’s ring.

She is then told that she is on the mythical continent of Atlantis, and that she was brought here for one singular purpose—to become its new queen!

Trapped in an unfamiliar place and desperate to return to her own land, she decides to bide her time until she can make her way back to her family. However, the gods have other plans, and with the help of some unlikely companions she will soon discover that there is a reason she was chosen… a revelation that will change her life—and the fate of Atlantis—forever.

Volume 2 — Awakening

Two members of the Honor Guard are found near death in Cerraine, while Achine and Gialasa—the people they were supposed to be protecting—have vanished.

The Knights frantically try to piece together what happened, but Eruni is certain she knows who did it—and isn’t content to wait around while they figure it out. Suspicious of the sorceress’ motives, Varanis volunteers himself to accompany her as an official representative of Castle Atlantis.

Meanwhile, the girls find themselves captives of a rebel group and unsure of their safety. Achine tries to plan an escape using what little magic she knows, but when the bandits rendezvous with a Prophet of The Iron Hand, things take an unexpected turn for the worst.

Time is running out, and Achine needs to find a way to free them both—before their captors discover who she really is!

Volume 3 — Awakening


Varanis finds Achine collapsed in a clearing, flanked by two bandits ready to end her life. After a brief skirmish, he brings her prone body back to the others where they discover that a poisoned crossbow bolt in her arm has her on the brink of death.

After they move her to a nearby inn, Eruni sets off alone to find the local healer—a hermit that lives deep within the Reidell Forest. She doesn’t know if he’ll be able to make an antidote, but they are running out of time and she believes that he is their only shot at saving her.


Back on Denarossia, its self-proclaimed Empress has been busy consulting an old family journal that claims the mythical creatures known as Dragonkin are real. Inspired by thoughts of enslaving them as her ancestors were once said to, Kariaulla devotes all her time and energy to finding and capturing them. If she had an army of fearsome beasts she wouldn’t need Aquera to claim the throne that was rightfully hers. She could take it—by force!

FW Vol 1 cover

Volume 1 — First Contact

Feline Mode, Activate!

Melissa Tealanna is an average teenage girl with all the typical problems that entails: a bratty younger brother, a strong dislike of math, and a serious love of anime. But when alien newlyweds Criatan and Cretora set their sights on conquering Earth, she is awakened as Blue Caracal, the leader of a superhero group called the Feline Warriors.

Now it’s up to Melissa to use her new powers to find her teammates and save the world…

But first she has to figure out a way to fight off city-destroying monsters, keep her grades up, juggle family obligations, and deal with a social life that’s becoming more complicated by the second—all without getting herself killed in the process!

Feline Warriors Volume 2 cover

Volume 2 — Turnabout

You can’t save the Earth with
a candlelight dinner! (Right?!)

Now that she’s gathered her team and gained the power of the Lapis Strobe, Blue Caracal feels more confident in taking on Vetrina and the corrupting power of her Petroite crystal. Unfortunately, that sense of security quickly fades when the Feline Warriors all receive a mysterious invitation from the Claravons, a family of rich socialites that are really their alien enemies in disguise!

Despite knowing it’s a trap, they decide to attend the party anyway and are completely unprepared for what happens once they arrive.

There’s no time to recover from their shock before Vetrina reveals that she’s been planning an event of her own, and the Warriors soon discover that she might be a bigger threat to the Earth than they’d originally thought—even more so than Criatan and Cretora themselves!


A short story about the complicated emotions behind doing what feels correct, even if it is the opposite of what society expects of you.

Amelia Miller was a wide-eyed girl with big dreams of working in the fast-paced fashion industry of New York City. After losing everything she had in an unexpected incident—including her internship at a respected fashion magazine—she heads for L.A. where she is a now a moderately successful fashion blogger. In the five years that have passed she has built up a loyal following that waits eagerly for her weekly product reviews, makeup tutorials, and style guides. It wasn’t exactly what she had planned for herself, but she felt like a success nonetheless.

But one night everything changes; while catching up with friends from her hometown, Amelia stumbles upon a social media page for a wildly popular new fashion blog, and discovers that not only is the author stealing her content, but that she might not have left her past as far behind as she had once thought.

Simple Words
A Novelette

After her parents’ divorce, Sara Tellar and her older sister Sierra find their family moving to Texas so that their previously stay-at-home mother can start a new career and bring some stability back into their lives. Sierra has no problem acclimating to the change, her outgoing nature allowing her to easily make new friends. Sara, on the other hand, is a shy, quiet girl, and finds fitting in much more difficult. After an incident with one of the more popular girls in her grade, she finds herself being shunned by her classmates. She suffers in silence, hoping that things will blow over during summer vacation.

Unfortunately when school resumes in the fall the bullying is worse than ever—and the whole school seems to be joining in! As if that wasn’t enough, tragedy strikes and Sara finds herself with no one to confide in about what is happening at school. She withdraws even further into herself as an online imposter harasses her peers on social media using her name, and the verbal abuse she receives in response to that threatens to escalate into physical violence.

Finally at her breaking point, Sara can only see one way to ease her pain. Can a few simple words save her from making a terrible mistake?